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We believe in Custom-Tailored, Culturally Immersive Travel Design

At Journey Majestic, we know you are not interested in a cookie-cutter vacation, so we create tailor-made, highly-personalized experiences that align with your unique interests and travel goals.

Whether you are tasting the finest regional cuisine or learning about the local culture, we will curate itineraries that allow you to be immersed in the destination, as well as the journey.

Our affiliation with Virtuoso®, the world's leading network of luxury travel companies, allows us to provide our clients with VIP status! You will receive extra special touches and upgrades to enhance your vacation experience to unforgettable!

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Now is the time to experience the dream holiday you put off until SOMEDAY!

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Confused about all that needs to be done before you travel?

This Pre-Travel Checklist will help you prepare for a stress-free, relaxing journey knowing you have everything in place before you leave home!


Hello! I’m Kati.

My insatiable passion for travel led me to create Journey Majestic, Curated Luxury Travel where my goal is to gain a deep understanding of your travel desires so I can create the perfect vacations for you and those traveling with you.

Whether you are traveling solo, with your immediate and multi-generational family or with other families, I will assist you with honing in on what will make your vacation an experience of a lifetime.

Throughout my travels, people have told me their Bucket List vacation ideas and their dream vacations for “someday.” After all we have been through in recent years, I realize “someday” has changed.

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Now is the time to take that “someday” trip of a lifetime!



Immersive and Engaging Vacations Designed by Your Inspirations!

From African Safaris to Expedition Cruises through the Polar Regions and beyond, I will collaborate with you to create the most majestic and awe-inspiring vacations you have been dreaming of for many years!


Journey Your Way

Group Journeys for Life’s Greatest Adventures

Whether you are traveling with a multi-generational family, multi-family educational group or a group of solo travelers, we will work with you to craft an adventure that fulfills everyone’s needs and desires with just the right amount immersive adventures and cultural experiences. Deeper connections with each other in the group is often one of the biggest benefits of traveling together!

At Journey Majestic, we will handle all of the logistics and details of planning your trips, and we will be there to support you during your journeys, as well, in case the unexpected arises.

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