The time has come to stop saying, “Someday, I would love to go on an African Safari to view the incredible landscape and amazing wildlife” or “Someday, I’ll visit Antarctica to see all those adorable penguins and magnificent whales” or any number of other "Someday" trip dreams. Whatever your most desired travel destinations are, we will collaborate with you to make that Someday trip a reality Today!

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With a start in the English countryside, thanks to my U.S. Air Force pilot father, my childhood was an exhilarating journey across the vast tapestry of the United States. Every sun-kissed summer, our trusty RV became our magic carpet, weaving through the grandeur of the USA, from the awe-inspiring national parks to the time-honored monuments. Imagine a young adventurer who had been swept through 40 states before the age of 10!

Such early escapades didn't just spark, but set ablaze, an insatiable wanderlust within me.

As the pages of my passport thickened, Europe's old-world charm, Africa's wild heart, and Asia's mystic allure unfolded before me. A particularly cherished chapter took me to Tanzania's Olduvai Gorge (or as some prefer, Oldupai Gorge). Standing at what was believed to be the cradle of humankind, where the legendary Leakeys unveiled our ancient ancestors in 1959, was nothing short of surreal. To tread where the very footsteps of early humans echoed over 200,000 years ago – it’s a humbling dance with history.

Join me, as we pen your own stories, in the world's most captivating corners! 🌍✨

My passion and desire to see the world has taken me to many countries with many more to come!

I love learning about the varied cultures and the histories everywhere I visit. Trips are even more memorable when I can travel like a local and become fully immersed in the destinations. My thirst to keep seeing new places never wanes, and I love helping others have their "someday" travel dreams come true!

The Wanderlust gene is real, and this gene is no doubt a part of my DNA!

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